data science

A Tree-based Prediction of Flight Delays

Given weather and flight data, will a flight be at least 15 minutes delayed?

Re-identification on Anonymously Reported Salaries

Can the quasi-identifiers in Levels be leveraged to perform an identity disclosure attack?

Regression to Study the Spread of Covid-19

Using Kaiser Family Foundation and state policy database for Covid-19 data to study a causal question with Ordinary Least Squared regression.

San Francisco Sea Level Experiment

Using bootstrap methods to find out if sea level in San Francisco actually increased as previously accepted in academia.

Terrorism & Travel

Will we travel less in the age of Terrorism? `external_link`.

Sudoku A Python Game

Built a Sudoku game based on object oriented programming principles

Eviction and Tech Shuttles

Are wrongful evictions happening near tech bus stops? What is going on? `external_link`.